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Pooch & Mutt

"Make Every Moment Count" TV and Social Campaign


Health-focussed dog food brand Pooch & Mutt approached Lobster to create a multi-channel campaign including their first TV commercial to expand reach and brand awareness.


Stacey Solomon is known for her warmth and charm. And no-one experiences that love more than the two furry loves of her life, Teddy and Peanut. In this warm, fuzzy and authentic commercial, we share a peek into all the little good mood moments Stacey shares with her dogs throughout the day at Pickle Cottage.

The “Make Every Moment Count” campaign emphasises the bond between pets and owners, aligning with Pooch & Mutts’ ethos of promoting “Good Mood Food” – premium, health-focused dog products designed to enhance well-being. It leverages Stacey Solomon’s influence, building on her successful social media collaborations with the brand.

Make Every Moment Count / TV Master

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