Lobster Creative

Claw-to-tail production

Film & Photography shooting with a modern approach for content hungry brands


We understand brands need more content for buck from each production.  More lobster in their roll. A little more Gruyère in the Thermidor.  People are hungry for brilliant content that goes beyond expectations and a single 30” video is no longer enough to feed the masses.

Alongside the main course – usually a master video – there’s often an appetite for more. Whether it’s photography for social, portrait Instagram Story cuts, animated rich media banner ads or even an OOH campaign to accompany the film; our agile, modern approach to production enables us to deliver a menu of assets from claw-to-tail to meet any brief.

Take a peek at our Flora case study.


We’re all about doing our part for the planet and making sure we’re leaving a green future for those who come after us. Like a lobster, we want to make a splash, but not in a bad way! That’s why we’re always looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly, from using energy-efficient gear to cutting down on waste.

And when it comes to choosing materials and partners, we always opt for the greenest options. Our goal is to make awesome content while keeping our impact on the environment as small as possible. We’re committed to a brighter future for all!