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"Time for a smile" TV & Radio Campaign


A beloved and iconic pancake brand and category leader in Northern Ireland, Sunblest needed a TV and radio campaign to ensure they remain top of mind with consumers – presenting them as a delicious, comforting snack, ideal for all the family.


It’s been one of those mornings…you’ve spilt coffee on your freshly ironed meeting shirt, you’ve tripped up on the kids damn scooter in the hallway, you’ve taken out the bins and locked yourself out. We’ve all been there.

This campaign, conceptualised and produced by us Lobsters, tells a tongue-in-cheek story of how a bad morning can do a total 180, thanks to the pure joy packed into a tasty Sunblest pancake – bringing the “Time for a smile” tagline to life in a fresh, fun way. We also made the pancakes look absolutely bangin’ (and snacked on a few in the process…).

What our client's say

"The result brings our communications up to date with a flexible, campaignable and already much loved advert. We went on air in November and the response from our internal team, retailers and consumers has been wonderful, it really is time for a smile. The team at Lobster were always on hand throughout the process with creative solutions to our brand challenges and delivered a great result."

— Elva O’Connor, Senior Brand Manager at Allied Bakeries

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