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Tom Sweetland

About Tom...

Tom is a filmmaker who conceives, directs and shoots original documentaries. He started in the industry at the BBC, training as a self-shooting director before making the leap into short-form digital content. He’s passionate about creating authentic human focused stories told in an impactful way. To date his work has been featured and screened by National Geographic, NOWNESS, BFI Film Festival and Newport Beach Film Festival and he’s been lucky enough to direct campaigns for Cadbury, Age UK, Samsung and Booking.com

“I’m often drawn to projects that tell real people’s stories, I love getting to know new people, discovering those nuances in someone’s personality and creating cinematic sequences that can bring their story to life. My background in making emotive short documentaries has always relied upon my ability to sensitively interview my contributors and find ways of getting them to open up about themselves and the world around them. “

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