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Royal Museums Greenwich // The Mask of Youth

Captivating social-first documentary series


Create a short-form documentary series for social media following contemporary artist Mat Collishaw’s journey in creating the Mask of Youth – an animatronic portrait of Queen Elizabeth I as she might have looked when sitting for the iconic Armada portrait.

We were asked to produce 42 x edits including a master teaser and full 7-minute documentary for Facebook, Instagram and in-situ at The Queen’s House.

Mask of Youth // Teaser


Shot over 6 months, this is an innovative, thought-provoking series of films with a fun, emotive, human story at their core. An observational style of filmmaking but with a real cinematic, commercial approach to the visual language.

Mask of Youth // Full Doc


The films were enormously successful in driving traffic to both the website and visitors to the Queen’s House.

Even with a small social budget, the films had well over a million impressions, 30k click-throughs to the website, and 200k engagements on Facebook.

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