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A Monster of a Campaign...


Plume is a company with deep roots in the broadband networking space, it provides the HomePass service to some of the best-known internet service providers in the world and also offers a suite of services directly to consumers.

Plume tasked Lobster with conceptualising and producing their first global TV campaign, along with social media to promote their rebranded HomePass offering.  A subscription-based smart home membership comprised of four key services: Adapt, Control, Guard and Sense. The campaign will reintroduce HomePass to the world through its differentiated benefits.


Plume needed to communicate a service that was somewhat tough to visualise, in a fun and unusual way that would be universally understood given it is for multiple markets. The obvious solution to that problem was a giant 9-foot bumbling purple monster with bird feathers for hair…

We came up with ‘The Smart Home Monster’ which delivered on all these core points – funny and memorable whilst giving Plume the ability to express hard information about the app. How do you explain motion control sensors? Give the monster some tambourines and let it go nuts.

The monster gave us the freedom to push reality, with a bit of magic to double down on some of the benefits in a playful way.

30-second version for TV

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