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Nivea // Clay Fresh

A social video campaign with huge results


Create an engaging, product-benefit led piece of original creative for YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat to help launch Nivea’s Clay Fresh Shower gel range to the Australian market.


Putting on our best Aussie accents to win the pitch…we developed a creative focussing on macro visuals celebrating the colourful, fresh ingredients interspersed with intimate vignettes of the product in action. The campaign left no doubt that NIVEA’s Clay Fresh product delivers a purified and soft skin feeling after showering.

We delivered YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat video edits enabling a multi-channel media strategy designed to drive awareness, consideration and intent.


NIVEA ran a Google Brand Lift Study on the TrueView ads from this campaign to measure the effectiveness of creating custom assets for social, rather than adapting global assets. The results were some of the best the team have seen, exceeding internal and YouTube benchmarks in recall and intent:

  • 116.2%overall lift in Product Ad Recall (Avg. benchmark 25%)
  • 25.9%overall lift in Product Purchase Intent (Avg. benchmark 6%)

The creative resonated well with the intended target of females aged 18-30 with differing results based on KPI’s:

  • 18-24 year old females had the greatest lift in product recall following exposure to the ad
  • 25-34 year olds had the greater intent to purchase following exposure to the ad.

What our client's say

"The creative delivered best in class results for ad recall and purchase intent."

— Misha Summlar, Senior Brand Manager at NIVEA

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