Lobster Creative

GS Yuasa x Powering what Matters

Directed by Patrick Killingbeck

About the director...

After Patrick’s first ever music video made the cover of Time Out magazine through a Brits x Mastercard promotion, he hasn’t looked back. Moving into the world of advertising has seen him craft a visual style that champions any creative brief, elevating each film with his unique aesthetic.

He’s passionate about performance lead films, working closely with actors and dialogue. With a deep understanding of narrative structure he has the ability to craft the very best results from any brief, delivering the most comprehensive scripts into the tightest durations.

Alongside his performance work, Patrick has a wealth of experience with motion control and technical shoots, relishing the methodical approach. His experience also spans to more human lead stories in a documentary style, crafting engaging stories with real people.

This chameleon like ability has seen him work with some of the world’s biggest brands and agencies.

Patrick's projects